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Material Donation

Material Donation 


For full details about operational changes, please visit our Covid-19 update page HERE.  


Donation Services

Dontion Services

Dropping off materials is easy.


Material donors can bring eligible materials to the LBC Reuse Center, Tuesdays - Saturdays, 9 AM - 2PM.

Drop-off donations are to be by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Donors are responsible for unloading materials and completing their donation receipt. If you have a large or heavy donation or need help unloading, please submit a donation request form so we can plan accordingly. To schedule an appointment please contact us.

Lifecycle Building Center is located at:

1116 Murphy Avenue SW, Atlanta, GA 30310

Drop Off
Pick up

Our pick-up is free for eligible material & a great disposal alternative.


Material donors schedule an appointment for pick-up. Our experienced, professional staff will come to your house or place of business. Your materials are collected, you receive a tax acknowledgement form and your disposal costs are reduced. 


Deconstruction (Decon) is the selective dismantlement of building components so that the building materials can be reused. 


Material donors schedule a free walk-through with our staff to identify materials eligible for deconstruction. 


Once eligible materials are identified, our experienced, professional staff will schedule an appointment to dismantle the materials. We can partner work with your general contractors on projects where full structural disassembly occurs. In order to salvage building materials effectively, LBC typically offers deconstruction services to clients for a nominal fee.

We ensure our fees are a cost-competitive alternative to conventional building demolition. 


Go Green with your Set Strike.


We offer a free, confidential site visit to identify items we are able to accept directly or identify outlets for. An inventory of readily reusable materials is generated by LBC. We then look for guidance regarding what items are feasible to collect.

The strike crew can stage it onsite, or we can pick up materials as they are dismantled. Given the complexities of most productions, we typically offer pick up services after materials are dismantled by trade professionals onsite. LBC is also able to offer limited deconstruction services; please inquire.

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We appreciate all of our supporters and the many ways they invest their time, talent, and resources into helping us enact our mission. We welcome you to join this amazing community of dedicated reuse champions! 

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