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Financial Donation 

Thank you for joining us in reducing construction solid waste, and redirecting affordable building materials to the community.  In early 2021, we surpassed the 7 million pound mark, thanks to the thousands of material donors who have made material reuse a priority by bringing materials to LBC, scheduling a material pickup or inviting our deconstruction crew to reclaim valuable materials that would have otherwise been lost. 

With your help, we can begin to operate parallel deconstruction and material pickup crews, which will significantly increase the volume of material we collect and make available to the community at deep discounts. Your support through a one-time donation to LBC or by making a recurring gift as a sustaining member is deeply appreciated. Your gift, in any amount, will make a huge difference!

Learn More About Our Partners


Individuals make a huge difference. 


Individuals can make one-time gifts or recurring monthly donations to LBC. Every donation, whether it be $5 or $25,000, helps LBC enact its mission. Contributions help us fuel and maintain our fleet of vehicles, deliver educational programs, operate our Material Reuse Center, and distribute free building materials to schools, houses of faith, and nonprofits. For more details, use the sponsorship packet link below.

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Be the prime agent of change


Individuals who possess a strong passion for our work can join our Catalyst Club, which is a special group of individuals who commit $1,000 or more annually.

Catalyst Club members receive advance knowledge of LBC developments, VIP status at LBC events, and are able to engage with leaders in environmental sustainability through special LBC events. For more details, use the sponsorship packet link below.

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Establish a meaningful partnership with LBC as a corporate sponsor.


Corporations and local businesses sponsor LBC events, donate materials from renovation projects, mobilize their employees to serve as volunteers, provide financial support, and give LBC platforms through which to share the concept of reuse with their employees. Through the shared value of promoting environmental sustainability, we are able to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships that enable us to enact our mission as companies honor their values and commitment to community. For more details, use the sponsorship packet link below.

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Invest in the future.


The foundation community enables LBC to work toward realizing its vision of creating sustainable communities where the built environment supports the natural environment. Grant funding helps LBC take on much-needed capacity-building projects, hire and train talented staff, meet the operating needs of our programs, and focus on the future of this growing organization. 


We appreciate all of our supporters and the many ways they invest their time, talent, and resources into helping us enact our mission. We welcome you to join this amazing community of dedicated reuse champions! 

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