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Renovation Updates 

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The day has come!! After 8 years of planning and 3 years of fundraising, we are thrilled to share that our 100 year-old, 70,000 square foot facility is finally getting the TLC it has needed for so long. On Monday, August 2nd, our construction partner and longtime sponsor, JE Dunn Construction, began the renovation work, allowing us to take a huge step forward in our journey to bring the warehouse up to current standards. This project will enhance our ability to deliver our programs more effectively and enable us to recover and repurpose more building materials than ever before.

In the coming months, we will share stories about how the improvements to our facility will strengthen each of our programs and create far greater capacity for LBC and metro Atlanta. We will also regularly share updates about what to expect when you visit LBC during construction, as well as the impact that the renovation will have on our services. We know that there will be times when our customers, material donors, nonprofit grantees, and other community members will be disappointed or frustrated if we can't provide the same level of service or response time. Please know that we will be doing our absolute best to communicate with you everything we can about what is coming and how it will impact you.

Thanks for your patience as we embark upon this journey, and thank you to the MANY friends, partners, and supporters who have made this huge step for LBC possible!


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